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3 Ways to Validate Your App Idea

posted May 4, 2015, 2:14 PM by Jeff Harward
Got an app idea with incredible potential?

Now you're asking yourself, "will it scale?" Is is really a market for your grand idea?

Google It!
It might be that simple. Use the Google Keyword Planner tool, a keyword search and traffic estimator, to look for the number of people looking for your solution.

Type in words associated with your app idea, like the problem you are trying to solve, the benefit or other terms associated with your concept. Put the keywords in the search box, select the target country or countries and Google will show you the number of average monthly searches. 

Minimum Viable Product
"Market research and business planning are overrated," says best-selling author and entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki. "The best market research is putting a product out and seeing if people will buy it. The best business plan is to create something great and sell it fast.”

Writing a business plan with projections through market research is a sure way to kill you great idea. Nothing beats an actual customer using your app. So how do you get to the customer when you're at the idea stage and don't want to spend a huge sum of money building an app they don't want?

Instead of spending money you don't have on market research, build a minimum viable product (MVP). Create something as quickly as possible that addresses the problem you are trying to solve or demonstrates the core value of your product. Your MVP could be a PowerPoint slide presentation, a dialogue box or a landing page. This is something you can often build in a day or a week. A prototype can be an actual functioning stripped-down app with the core features offered.

Landing Page
You don't have an app yet but still want to get customers to sign up? Then landing pages are your best friend. Create a teaser or promotional landing page, which highlights the core proposition of your startup.

Ask for email addresses in return for an offer or simply to be updated about when the app is launched. The number of email subscribers can help predict how many people are interested in your app. Use simple platforms like Launchrock or KickoffLabs to create your landing page. Once your landing page is up, point your social marketing to this landing page. 

Whatever your path, make sure you build something that your customers want before spending valuable time and effort.