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Make Your App Viral

posted Apr 28, 2015, 11:00 AM by Jeff Harward
With very few exceptions, the only way to achieve a monetarily successful app is to make it viral. In the cluttered world of apps, successful apps are those that are willingly shared by users.

Building a viral app takes a lot more than bolting on some Twitter and Facebook buttons. It requires implementing a social sharing strategy in the basic function of the app.

To become viral your app has to have 4 characteristics:

1) It must have something valuable to share.
2) It must make it easy for users to share and for friends to join.
3) It must reward users for sharing and offer them incentives to come back.
4) The more people use the app, the more value must be created for them.

When planning your app, start there. Make sure that it creates something that users will want to share.